Werner Storl

Schooling Young Horses

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Werner Storl

Schooling Young Horses


"Certain basic precepts must be observed when training young and green horses for any kind of riding." So states Werner Storl, one of Germany's best known horsemen. Storl, who has trained and coached many horses and riders, records in this book his personal formula for the successful schooling of young horses for com-petition or pleasure riding. Written for the accomplished rider who owns or is considering acquiring an unschooled horse, the sensible advice set forth by the author is based on proven, classical gymnastic techniques practiced for centuries but lately overlooked by modern riders.

One of Storl's themes is that patient and careful handling of a green horse will avoid psychological and even physical damage that could stunt a horse's potential or require retraining in later years. The book begins with a short chapter on how to judge whether you are ready for your own horse and how to find and buy the correct young horse. The author then takes the reader through a basic training plan.

Beginning with work on the longe, he moves to first backing and riding, on straight lines. Early lessons emphasize helping the horse to find its balance under the rider at the walk and trot.

 Once the horse is taught to go forward willingly and with impulsion, Storl introduces lateral work and flexion. At this point the horse also begins to learn to work at the canter and is taught to negotiate cavaletti. In the last stages of training the young horse, collection work is begun.

The training methods described in this book will not only cultivate and preserve a horse's natural beauty of movement, but will also cast a solid foundation upon which further training, either for show or for pleasure, can be laid.

The author closes by addressing some common issues that arise during training. Throughout the discussion Storl highlights his most important points with helpful, easy-to-assimilate "reminders."

To the benefit of both horse and rider, this book should be read by all serious students of the noble tradition of equitation.

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