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The Older Horse

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Dr. Kellon

The Older Horse


Older Horses Are Winners!

One of America's finest older horses is ABDULLAH, a German-bred Trakehner stallion owned by Williamsburg Farm in Middleport, New York. After a successful career in dressage and combined training, he began competing as a jumper at the age of 9. Ridden by Debbie Shaffner from 1980 through 1983 and by Conrad Homfeld thereafter, AbduIlah has an extraordinary record.

Among his many victories: Cleve-land Grand Prix winner his first year as a jumper; leading horse at the Rome CSIO his first year in International Competition (aged 12); Team Gold and Individual Silver Medal winner at the 1984 Olympics (aged 13);
winner of the 1985 World Cup finals in Berlin (aged 14);
and winning team member at the 1986 World Championships in Aachen (aged 15).

He is shown here at age 14 in Aachen, where the U.S. had just won the Nations Cup for the first time since 1972. Abdullah was the only horse of 64 in the competition with double clear rounds. British journalist Findlay Davidson wrote of his performance, "It will be remembered

Whether an Olympic Champion, a pleasure horse, or a forgiving "first horse" retired to pasture, the older horse offers a wonderful combination of wisdom and experience that make him the ideal horse for many situations. Over 10, however, horses become more susceptible to certain physical problems—many of which can be avoided or alleviated with proper care and conditioning.

The purpose of this book is to help you give your older horse a happier, healthier, and more vigorous life.

This guide to shows owners:
• How to control chronic lamenesses and illnesses, especially arthritis, by surgical techniques, medications, and vaccines
• The latest in nutritional information
• How to prepare an older horse for competition
• What to look for when buying an aged horse
• How to evaluate an aged broodmare prospect
• How to manage a retiree on turnout
• Completely revised deworming schedules

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