Monty Roberts

Monty Roberts Fix-Up

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Monty Roberts

Monty Roberts Fix-Up

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Monty Roberts Fix-Up 3 DVD Set

The Fix-Up series take Join-Up training principles and applies them to common remedial horse behavior:

  •     Crossing Water
  •     Head Shy
  •     Pull Back
  •     Veterinarian
  •     Trailer Loading
  •     Mounting
  •     Kicking
  •     Preparing for the Farrier

Monty walks you through each challenging behavior, showing you how the horse’s instincts affect their actions – and how to use this same instinctual behavior to achieve the results you desire.

Running Time: 220 minutes

Our DVDs are Region 0. Region 0 (or "region free") discs are compatible with DVD players from the whole world, depending on relevant hardware.

Pub Date: 2012
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