Walter Zettl

A Matter Of Trust II DVD

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Walter Zettl

A Matter Of Trust II DVD


In Vol 2, Zettl presents first hand the theory and practice of collection at Level 2. Slow motion close-up and detailed descriptions of movement with accompanying graphics allow viewers to grasp each exercise and how it should be ridden.

All demonstrations emphasis the correct frame, rhythm, tempo, and self-carriage required for true collection. Zettl asserts that by working sequentially through the exercises, the horse naturally and without force advances to higher-level movements. Viewers will enjoy the variety of horses and riders who demonstrate the techniques described.

Walter A. Zettl has over 57 years experience in riding and coaching some of the world's finest horses and riders. He coached Canada's event team in the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles and has coached the North American Young Riders team. He is the author of Dressage in Harmony . . . and countless articles in the United States and abroad.

One of the new great teachers of classical dressage left today, Zettle is known throughout the world for his sympathetic approach to the training of horses. He believes a harmonious partnership build on trust and mutual respect is the basis for all good horsemanship. His number one priority is the well-being of the horse.

2 DVDs, 175 Minutes

Pub Date: 2005

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