Deb Bennett's VMD

Dr. Deb Bennett's Secrets of Conformation

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Deb Bennett's VMD

Dr. Deb Bennett's Secrets of Conformation


Prestigious Equus Magazine has endorsed this top rated video. Using a live horse, plus full color muscle and skeletal system graphics this DVD clearly demonstrates why all horses hve some performance limitations.  No point in asking your horse to do what he can't do. 

Starts with the head and works through the entire body. Live riding examples demonstrate her points. Find out why conformation is the key to performance.

In Secrets of Conformation, Dr. Deb Bennett shares her vast knowledge of equine anatomy and biomechanics to outline the physical factors that are desirable for horses participating in a full range of equestrian activities.

Through insightful discussion, real-life examples and anatomical charts and diagrams that provide external as well as internal views of equine structure and function, this DVD clearly demonstrates what to look for as you perform conformation analyses of your own whether you are a buyer, trainer rider or breeder.

Part I         Neck and Back                        
Part II        Neck Base and Shoulder           
Part III       Back and Stomach Muscles                 
Part IV        Neck Flexion (Yielding at the Poll)  
Part V         Shoulders and Rib Cage   
Part VI       Front Legs & Breast Box        
Part VII      Front Legs (Breast Box Down)
Part VIII     Shoulders and Front Legs
Part IX        Hind Quarter-From the Side
Part X         Hind Quarter-From the Back

A PhD graduate from the University of Kansas, Dr. Deb Bennett’s resume includes vertebrate paleontologist and natural history research at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC, contributing editor for EQUUS magazine, and author of EQUUS three-volume reference guide series Principles of Conformation Analysis.

Today, Dr. Deb is regarded as an authority on equine conformation whose specialized knowledge and innovative teaching techniques are in demand at clinics and seminars across the United States.

1 DVD - 100 Minutes
Pub Date: 1996
List Price: 36.00
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Secrets of Conformation.  In this clip Dr Bennett demonstrates the importance of neck conformation to performance.

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