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Reiner Klimke

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ABOUT REINER KLIMKE:   Dr Reiner Klimke won six gold and two bronze medals in dressage at the Summer Olympics — a record for equestrian events. He appeared in six Olympic Games. from 1960 to 1988 (excluding 1980).   Klimke also had a fine record at the World Championships, winning six gold medals and four team.

DRESSAGE TRAINING 1: NOVICE LEVEL   Volumes 1-3, From Novice to Elementary Level includes: •Volume 1: The Basic Training of Young Horses •Volume 2: Working toward Elementary Level •Volume 3: The Training of the Horse at Elementary 1 DVD,  82 minutes  List: 49.95

DRESSAGE TRAINING 2: MEDIUM LEVEL  Volumes 4 — 6, From Medium to Advanced Level includes:  Volume 4: Working toward Medium Level  Volume 5: The Training of the Horse at Medium Level  Volume 6: Working toward Advanced Level.  1 DVD List:  104 minutes  

DRESSAGE TRAINING 3. ADVANCED LEVEL  Volumes 7 & 8: From Prix St. Georges to Intermediate II includes:  Volume 7: From Prix St. Georges to Intermediate I.  Volume 8: The Training Schedule from Intermediate I to Intermediate II1 DVD,  70 minutes

DRESSAGE TRAINING 4: GRAND PRIX LEVEL Volumes 9 & 10: The Work of the Grand Prix Horse includes:  Volume 9: The Training of Grand Prix Horse.  Volume 10: Working toward Grand Prix Special 1 DVD,  77 minutes

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