Vanessa Bee

Horse Agility Handbook Combo Book + DVD

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  • Horse Agility Handbook Combo  Book + DVD

Vanessa Bee

Horse Agility Handbook Combo Book + DVD

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This combo includes The Horse Agility DVD, and The Horse Agility Handbook by Vanessa Bee. The descriptions of each are listed below.


In this DVD, based on her bestselling book Horse Agility Handbook, Vanessa bee guides the viewer through her step-by-step method for excelling at this exciting and growing sport.

Starting with the horse on a lead rope, Vanessa sows the viewer how to safety work toward letting the horse go freely over obstacles in an open space. At your direction - and without a lead rope - a free horse jumps through a hoop in an open field. It sounds impossible, doesn't it? Up until a couple of years ago I would have thought so too. But now I can direct my horse around an obstacles course with humps, tunnels and weaving poles just like in Dog Agility.

And the great thing is that it's possible to reach other people and their horses to do it too!
1 DVD, 95 Minutes


All aspects of competing in equine agility are reviewed in this handler’s guide, including explanations of the basics of the horse itself, the reasoning behind their behavior, and getting and maintaining their attention before training.

Respecting the animal but keeping safety in mind at all times, the appropriate attitudes for both horse and teacher are discussed along with maintaining the appropriate level of patience.

Covering the safe construction and negotiation of obstacles, this all-inclusive handbook also demonstrates how to use imagination to develop the scope of even the simplest structure.

Methods for safely approaching the horse to catch and lead it are presented as well as how to look for signs of compliance and acceptance, encouraging the horse to see the handler as an efficient leader.

With an outline of competitive levels, tips on organizing competitions and training days, and a troubleshooting section, this study also features helpful case studies of real life situations.

THE AMAZING THING about horses is there’s one out there suited for just about every human. They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes, and we’ve trained them to excel at any number of riding sports that appeal to human personalities across the board.

But until now, there hasn’t been an internationally recognized, competitive horse sport dedicated to those horse lovers who most enjoy working their horse from the ground. With Horse Agility, that’s all changing.

Over the past few decades, an evolution in how we go about training horses has encouraged horse owners to spend more time handling their horse on the ground in order to achieve good behavior, mutual trust, and a healthy partnership—before they ever think about getting in the saddle.

This has created a generation of horsemen and women perfectly poised to pursue the competitive and social benefits of the sport of Horse Agility.
Think, for a moment, of the hugely popular Dog Agility classes you’ve no doubt seen—it is no secret they’re enjoyed by countless canines and their handlers, all over the world.

With great exuberance and palpable enjoyment, a dog dashes around a colorful obstacle course, following subtle direction from his handler. Usually this occurs without a leash, and without other devices designed to “persuade” him to participate.

The dog completes the course because he chooses to—NOT because he is constrained, forced, whipped, prodded, or bribed.

Horse trainer Vanessa Bee, founder of the International Horse Agility Club, says that we need to change the way we think about horses and the sports and activities we so often pursue with them.

She sees no reason the horse cannot enjoy your time together so much, he will choose to “play” with you—over, under, and through obstacles, without a lead rope, even when loose in a large, grassy pasture.
Hard to believe? Try it for yourself! The Horse Agility Handbook has all you need to get started in the sport, including lessons in handling and body language, directions for obstacle and course construction, and information for managing competitions and “play days.”

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