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Horsemanship 101 with Clinton Anderson, DVDs

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Clinton Anderson

Horsemanship 101 with Clinton Anderson, DVDs


This is a complete course in horsemanship that carries the student from beginner to experience horseman in 540 minutes of step-by-step, detailed and clearly demonstrated instruction. If you have the will, this series of 6 DVDs will make you a horseman.

Here's the Downunder people's description of this great series:

As a boy growing up in Australia, Clinton was often left confused and frustrated when working with his horses. "I barely knew the back end of a horse from the front end. I would ask people for help and I'd get five different answers from as many people," Clinton shares. That's why he decided to put together this comprehensive series targeted at first-time horse owners or those just entering the industry.
As a teenager, he set out on a personal mission to learn as much as he could about horsemanship and to become the best horseman that he could be. Through trial and error, in-depth apprenticeships and absorbing as much knowledge as he could, Clinton has become one of the most respected horse trainers in the world.
The series covers every topic imaginable, from picking out the right horse to basic groundwork and riding exercises.
A master teacher, Clinton breaks horsemanship into the simplest terms and walks the beginner rider step-by-step into the horse world. Throughout the series, Clinton works with a novice rider who is timid around horses and lacks the confidence to be an effective leader. Under Clinton's guidance through the Downunder Horsemanship Method, she becomes an enthusiastic student confident in her ability to control her horse and advance to the next level.
Entirely devoted to the beginner rider, this series tackles the most common and critical questions new riders face in an easy to understand format that will keep you safe and confident throughout your riding career. You'll learn with a beginner rider just like yourself and watch as she overcomes fears and gains confidence in her ability to be an effective leader for her horse.
By the end of the series, you'll see how the right approach to horsemanship can turn a new rider into a confident and in-control horseman. Whether you're just entering the horse world or have a craving for more knowledge, this series will put you on the right track!

Disc One
Introduction Downunder Horsemanship Philosophy
Introduction to Student
Parts of the Horse

Disc Two
Conformation of the Horse
Colors of the Horse
Breeds of Horses
Are You Ready?
Buying Your First Horse
Feeding Your Horse

Disc Three
Hoof Care Horse
Basic Tack for Your Horse
Proper Attire for Riding
Stabling Your Horse
Working on the Ground in the Roundpen

Disc Four
Working on the Ground in the Arena
A Visit from the Vet
Safely Tying Your Horse

Disc Five
Catching and Haltering Your Horse
Grooming Your Horse
Saddling and Bridling Your Horse
First Ride in the Roundpen

Disc Six
Second Ride in Larger Arena
Bathing Your Horse
Riding After One Week of Practice

6 DVDs  -- 540 min+
Pub Date:  2009
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Horsemanship 101 - Part 3 - Here Clinton explains the fundamentals of groundwork.



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