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Joy of Dressage Combo

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Joy of Dressage Combo is a 3 part DVD series that help beginners as well as intermediate riders start and develop their dressage careers in the right way. It helps avoid false starts and hidden pitfalls that trap so many riders. Here are proven methods of developing a satisfying, cooperative relationship with your horse and a successful dressage career in the ring.

Part 1: Motivating the Horse

The joy of riding is getting pleasure as a rider out of being around horses and reaching your own personal goals. Imparting the pleasure of that joint endeavor to one's horse is by far the most important goal in Uta Graf's training and equine husbandry. Highlight: behind the scene glimpses into her training concept for her top horses.

• Be good to the horse • Impart pleasure with work • The training structure • Encouragement in line with ability • Fine riding, minimal aids • the bigger picture - working equitation • An active seat - a subtle influence • Care and feeding • Handling and training

Uta Gräf has made a name for herself on the international scene through her fine classical riding style, which is particularly demonstrated during her harmonious performances. She has been a member of the B-Kader dressage team since 2011 and was on the long list for the London 2012 Olympics. Her unusual combination of ambitious dressage riding and natural horse care in groups and open stabling have made her a trailblazer of the changing attitude to the horse and dressage. Uta Gräf lives with her partner Stefan Schneider at Gut Rothenkircher Hof in Kirchheimbolanden.

Friederike Heidenhof has been training with Uta Gräf since 2002 and has been following her competitive career since Uta's first success at regional S-Level. Having been trained in her youth following the "old school" method, she is particularly keen to show that classical training methods are not obsolete, but are more relevant now than ever.

Joy of Dressage Part 2: Training the Rider
Part 2: Training the Rider Riding with motivation and enthusiasm are important pre-requisites to creating a partnership that is equally pleasurable for the horse. successful grand prix rider Uta Graf talks about and demonstrates training her successful horses from horseback.

Joy of Dressage Part 3: Competitive Success
Part 3: Competitive Success For many riders the climax to the joy of riding is to begin to compete. Successful grand prix rider Uta Graf gives insight to her methods for preparing and beginning to complete built on training which respects the horse and its natural living conditions. Highlight: Uta Graf's floodlit Grand Prix Kur with Le Noir.

3 DVD"s:  220 Minutes
Pub Date:  2016
List Price:  $149.95
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