Lynn Palm

Let Your Horse Be Your Teacher

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Lynn Palm

Let Your Horse Be Your Teacher

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Let Your Horse be Your Teacher!

Part 1: Make your horse happy with correct position and light aids!
Part 2: Build your partnership with positive communication and straightness!

Instruction with the equestrian sport is a necessity. Some riders do not have access to instructors and that is the reason we are proud to offer these educational DVDs for you to learn how your horse can be your very own teacher. In these DVDs we will share with you how your horse can teach you to learn to ride more correctly!

Using Palm Partnership Training fundamentals based on Dressage Principles, we will show you how a horse talks to you through their ears, mouth, eyes, tail and overall body composure. When the horse is happy he is relaxed and his ears are forward and when he is not, tension comes out in these parts of the horse. Rider's position/balance, communication of the natural aids, and controlling the horse's body position/ balance are the three fundamentals of training that are shown in these DVDs.

We show you the best willing and happy partner. We also show riding poorly and common challenges that we all have with riding. You sure will see the horse resisting and not being happy with our poor riding skills. From this you will learn how your horse can teach you how to ride more correctly through willingness!

Enjoy this great learning experience. Remember, when your horse is not doing what you want, he is telling you, please ride me more correctly!!!

DVD: 104 Minutes Parts 1 & 2
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Pub Date: 2010
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