Lynn Palm

Lynn Palm Training Course Set Parts 1 & 2 DVD's

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  • Lynn Palm Training Course Set Parts 1 & 2 DVD's

Lynn Palm

Lynn Palm Training Course Set Parts 1 & 2 DVD's

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PART 1: A Fun Way to Learn

Would you like to be a better rider? Would you like to have fun training your horse?
The Training Course will help you become a better rider and teach your horse to respond to you with willingness and happiness.

Lynn teaches you how to design a Training Course specifically targeted for your strengths and weaknesses. Through Lynn's step-by-step instruction you will learn how to easily create, design, and set up a Training Course.

You will learn how to evaluate and walk the course to develop a strategy to ensure great results when riding the course. Each course segment is explained in detail to help you ride your horse more correctly and precisely.

Whether you are an experienced rider or just beginning, whatever breed of horse or discipline you ride, the Training Course will teach you:
• To be a thinking rider & harmonize with your horse
• Riding in balance • Training your horse to be in balance
• Moving correctly in all gaits
• Most of all, you will have fun training!
• Excellent teaching tool for all instructors

Palm Partnership Training Course will take you to the ultimate partnership with your horse.
DVD: 35 minutes Minutes
REGION: 1 - Region 1 - North America
Pub Date: 2012

PART2: More Details

Improve your horse's responses and confidence on the trail or in the show ring with this fun riding course! As a follow up to Part 1, this more advanced training course will build your skills as an effective rider. You will also learn to advance the use of light aids and control your horse's body alignment in order to achieve balance at all gaits and during transitions. Lynn also gives you solutions to the common problems you may encounter while training at home: how to improve poor responses from your horse and develop better harmony and true partnership..

LYNN RECOMMENDS: I always teach riders to be thinkers. A thinking rider is one that has a good lesson plan with his horse. If you are looking for new and exciting ways to practice your riding skills, get your horse more consistent in his training, or want to teach him new things, this DVD will give you the best tools to be more creative. Horses love this and so will you!

Palm Partnership Trailing Course: Complete Set
DVD:  75 Minutes
REGION:  -1 North America
Pub Date: 2012
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