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Special Combo Offer--Two of Mark Rashid's Most Popular DVDs

Groundwork Volume 1 Trouble Shooting:

In this DVD on Groundwork DVDs Mark works in the round pen with two horses that were deemed “hard-to-catch” by their owners.

Mark brings a low key, low stress style of round pen work to each horse and quickly helps them understand the idea of being caught. He also shows ways to graduate from the round pen to a large open area when working with a hard to catch horse.

In addition, Mark troubleshoots the reasons for both horses’ lack of willingness to want to allow humans to approach and catch them, while at the same time addressing issues such as working with the “one sided horse” and picking up the feet of a horse who is hard to trim and shoe.

Mark's instruction on communication involves always searching for the least amount of cue or pressure possible. Key to this is recognizing the horse's earliest tries to respond, because finding and building on these efforts allows the horse to learn faster with less confusion and struggle. Hence ... Finding The Try!

In two specialty sequences, Mark Rashid first works with a two-week old foal on some basics of handling, haltering and leading, illustrating how the same principles of 'Finding The Try' apply from the first horse-human interactions. Then mark demonstrates in close-up the kind of feel in handling reins needed to help a horse (and rider) succeed.

ONE DVD: 75 minutes Minutes
REGION: 1 - Region 1 - North America
Pub Date: 2016
List Price: 49.00

Journey to Softness:

In this 2-disk DVD Mark Rasid presents his most powerful techniques for developing softness. He uses Aikido techniques to show riders at all levels how to development softness in their relationship with their equestrian partner.  Aikido training teaches techniques of blending and adaptation.  These techniques develop calmness and flexibility between partners, in this case, between horse and rider.

Aikido techniques enable the rider to maintain balance and respond safely and softly to any unexpected, jolting or sudden moves by her partner, the horse. The methods and techniques demonstrated have been gleaned from decades of work with horses and horse people, as well as while training with world-class Aikido masters and martial artists whose lives have been dedicated to developing softness and connection with a partner through feel.  This is packaged very simply in a pocket-type DVD case.  The pocket contains 2 DVDs.

TWO DVDs: 2 Hours 50 Minutes
REGION: 1 - Region 1 - North America
Pub Date: 2015
List Price: 90.00

Mark Rashid Combo Special
THREE DVDs: 3 Hours 5 Minutes
REGION: 1 - Region 1 - North America
Pub Date: 2016
List Price: 139.00
Sale Price: See listing.
Item #: 2386