M. Fischer-Zillinger & C. Weissauer

Rider Body Language

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M. Fischer-Zillinger & C. Weissauer

Rider Body Language

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Rider Body Language:
Seat Training with Video Analysis

Developing a soft seat that moves with the horse allows you to enjoy simple communication with your horse.  You will feel that all you have to do is “think” and just by thinking you will be able to ride with just the subtlest shift in your weight. This program explains subtleties of movement and correct and incorrect aids.  The presentation is supported by slow-motion studies, detailed diagrams, theoretical explanations and practical exercises to try at home.

Marlies Fischer-Zillinger and Claudia Weissauer, a physiotherapist and a riding instructor - an unusual combination at first glance. They are brought together by a passion for horses and by the idea of combining specialist knowledge about horse riding with specialist knowledge about physiotherapy. The concept of rider body language that they teach in their seat-training courses stemmed from this. The concept is based on precise motion analysis of the individual rider, explained using video recordings.

Chapter Headings:.
• A seat that moves with the horse • Breathing • Correct stirrup length • Movement of the walk in the saddle • Riding with the cushion • Riding with rubber stirrups • Alignment • Rising trot • Sitting trot • The seat on turns • Lateral aids

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Rider Body Language - Developing A Soft Seat

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