Training The Modern Jumper DVD

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  • Training The Modern Jumper DVD


Training The Modern Jumper DVD

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Training the Modern Jumper
Elmar Polimann-Schweckhorst

In this DVD, world-renowned jumper rider and trainer Elmar Pollmann-Schweckhorst reminds us of the advantages of cross-training, explaining how classical concepts and flat-work fundamentals are critical to the development of a willing, flexible, and ultimately successful jumping partner.

With assistance from his brother Alois—also a top international jumper rider, with two World Cup and four Nations Cup wins to his name—Elmar teaches viewers how to skillfully apply the dif-ferent phases of dressage training to the creation of a jumper capable of excelling on today's complex courses. He analyzes common problems that arise within the different stages of a jumper's development, and presents a series of practical and applicable lessons useful to riders, trainers, and horses working at a variety of levels.

The DVD covers:
Warming up Dressage work for jumpers
Enhancing jumping technique
Riding courses
Jumping against the clock

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ELMAR POLLMANN-SCHWECKHORST is a professional instructor and has competed successfully in the United States, Canada, South America, and Europe. He has trained the winners of numerous national and international jumping competitions. Elmar currently lives in Germany, where he manages his family's breeding and training facility. He is also the author of the book Training the Modem Jumper.

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